Jon Morgan Davies

Web Sites


Short Story Reader
A simple blog about my current reading, online and off. Links to great online short stories, short summaries of random books.

Everyone's Blog Novel
Everyone wants you to read the book on which he or she is working, a novel everyone is writing in order to find the meaning of life, with which everyone’s spouse ran off. But everyone has to finish the novel before everyone can know where the novel begins. In the meantime, there are all these distractions, such as the twelfth-floor window at the office building where everyone works out of which people or maybe just one person keeps jumping or falling--everyone isn’t sure--or everyone’s sexy coworker Sam, whom everyone is struggling valiantly against to keep from becoming a paramour. And then there is the dog . . .

My Life in Charts
A blog about my life, in graphs, tables, charts, maps, and other statistically based graphics.

Friendster Guy
An account of my monthlong attempt to get my friends to start using Friendster again.

My Week in Hair
My old blog, about my hair's adventures or lack thereof, is still available for viewing.